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Element by Fuego: Grilling becomes Thrilling

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Who said barbecues had to be something unappealing and rustic? Thanks to Element now you can barbecue with style! Created by Fuego in partnership with Vinotemp, this modern grill is actually a scaled-down version of Fuego 01 and is fully packed with cooking options. The Element barbecue can serve as a convection roasting oven, and through the optional pizza stone it easily turns into a pizza oven or a griddle. Designed by Robert Brunner (former Apple industrial designer) the sleek 27-inches grill comes in 4 color options and would easily find its proper place in the yard of every contemporary home. Element by Fuego is expected in May 2009 and should cost from $400 (silver, white and red) to $600(stainless).

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  1. Ewert Maria Says:

    Please, im living in Germany,can you give me an adress were I can buy this grill in Germany?
    Maria Ewert

  2. HDF Says:

    Hello Ewert – Please contact the manufacturer for additional information

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