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Nothing to Kid About: 10 Tips to Decorate the Perfect Kids Bedroom

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There are many things that you need to get spot on and perfectly right in your home when it comes to decoration and design, but probably nothing is more important than creating the near-perfect bedroom for your kid. So how can you create a bedroom that looks and feels just right for your kid? Let’s get started on that…

1. The theme of the room

Just like in the case of decorating any other room in your home, a kid’s bedroom is no different. Therefore picking the right theme for it will make decorating and shopping a lot easier for you as they narrow down your options. But unlike the rest of your home, you can freely choose any theme you want here and it need not match with the rest of the home in anyway! You can get a fantasy theme, sports, cute cartoons or anything else your kid loves.

2. Consider the age

There is a way of decorating a room for an 8 year old and another for a 12 year old kid. If you are looking for a room for teens, then anyone experienced will tell you that you need to be doubly careful. Apart from consulting your little one, make sure you understand their needs, choices and tastes. Make sure you pick something that reflects their age and personality best.

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3. Make it bright, bubbly and colorful

One of the beauties of creating a kid’s room is that you can make it as bright, wonderful and lively as you wish and with all that splash of color, it will still look perfectly sane and cool. Just make sure that you do not go overboard and keep in tune with the room’s theme . Try using shades like bright oranges, reds, yellows and violets to brighten up the atmosphere. If you wish to go for the cute pink way for girls, then it is a fine option as well.

4. Fashionable fabrics with print and designs

Rather than the plain and simple ones, the fabric has to involve plenty of print, color and lovely designs. We are not trying to create tranquility here; rather this will be all about fun, fun and more fun! Fabric types like spandex, rayon, chiffon, holographic stretch velvet and crinkled taffeta are great in this regard. Just make sure that they are of decent quality, because you know what a little one can do in his room …

5. Comfortable and cool for the bed

The bed is probably the centerpiece of your kid’s bedroom, so pick something that is both comfortable and fits the theme that you have selected. There are racing beds, ones with cartoon characters, rock-styled, night-sky themed and almost anything else that you can think of as a theme. Do your research on this and you will see that you have a million options to pick from.

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6. Paintings and photographs

This will make the room look a lot more complete. Hand a few nice paintings and even photographs that belong to your child’s most wonderful moments— surely there will be plenty you can find in this department! The kids will not only love the personal feel, but it will always help lift their mood.

7. Accessories and furnishings

You can always buy standing shelves, tables, chairs and anything else you need as storage space or furniture, depending on their need and the available free space in the room. Window shades curtains and even the furniture must go hand-in-hand with the existing shades and look of the room. Once again, feel free to mix and match, but in a very sensible way.

8. Lighting and the lampshades

Just like in any other room, lighting will be a crucial aspect of your kid’s room. Bring in light fittings that are both warm and easy on eyes, yet offer the right look for the room, you can always buy plain lampshades and ask your little one to have some fun with colors and accents that go on it. Just make sure it’s ambient enough for all the wide-eyed fun activities they get involved in as they spend their time inside.

9. Involve your kid actively

There are plenty of things out there that you can add to the room depending on your budget and taste. Plants add life and freshness to the room, but turning the ceiling into star-studded and planet floating night sky is a real popular choice. Or you can even add a giant life-size cartoon, super-hero or favorite star poster to really set the mood. Just remember that at the end of the day it is your kid who will live in here, so take his tastes, choices and opinion into consideration.

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