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Kitchen Appliances: Miele H5000 Series

miele 5000 appliances

Miele has a new line which can rival the best of kitchen appliances right now. Their series features upgrades to a range of ovens, warming drawers, coffee machines, and microwaves. The ovens have been made larger but will still maintain the design integrity of your kitchen. They now have a capacity of 66 liters a 30% increase of their previous H4000 series. Their new microwaves are now at a capacity of 43 liters. Lets you know, they mean business when they do upgrading.

The new H5000 Ovens feature a moisture plus function which automates the water intake that is converted to steam, can store over 20 recipes and has a touch display. The items in this series are space saving and all match each other, giving you a uniformed stunning kitchen. Learn more about the H5000 series at Miele.

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  1. Natasha Says:

    Hello, what model hood is that? I haven't seen it in any of the Miele's catalogs?

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