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Tips for Decorating a Small Space

small apartment how to tips adviceDecorating is already a hard job, add in a small space and you could be left with disaster, unless you know a few tips for making it come together.

  • Sometimes Bigger is Better – a large mirror can make a room look and feel larger. Place a large mirror opposite the entry way to reflect the rest of the home and create an illusion of more space.
  • Keep it simple – keep decorating simple and small. Don’t use over sized furniture, get items that are scale to the area. Small room small simple furniture items.
  • Lighten up – Lighter colored walls and one bold accent wall can make an area feel bigger than it actually is.
  • Focus – create focal points in your small space to keep the eye where you want it.
  • Get situated – Decide what your space will be used for. If your small space is one large room use screens or curtains to separate areas. You can also paint walls according to what the space is. If one side of the room is the living room paint it cream, the other side may be your bedroom paint that wall dark brown.
  • Small Kitchens – this can be a bit tricky. With a small kitchen you will have to maximize what you have to get more useable space. Pot racks and wall storage will definitely be your friend. Think up for small kitchens…shelving can go up and add vertical more storage space.

When you have a small space to work with you have to use some ingenuity and good ole fashioned creativity to get the most out of your area. Storage and versatility should be your mantra!

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