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A 100% Sun-Powered 4,000 sq ft Oregon Home


Nathan Good Architects have designed an imposing family home in Oregon for an active couple with three children.

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A generously sized solar system spread across the clerestory roof completely powers the four story home.


Unlike many solar systems that have been ‘bolted on’ – at whatever size is needed – after the house has been built, this roof was sized to precisely accommodate the number of solar panels needed for its electricity needs.


Typically a large house with many rooms like this four story house, over 4,000 sq ft, means that it requires a larger solar system.


But energy efficiency measures like optimize the daylighting of the sun’s path, to warm the house for free, as this house has done, can reduce the size of the solar system needed.

Though large, the house is not ostentatious.

A humility informs the design, inside and out.


This is an agreeable and unassuming family home…


… designed to be able to provide 100% of the electricity it uses in a year.

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