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Design Dilemma: A Pretty, Polished 325 Square Foot Studio

DSC 0841 interiors

Who says you can’t live beautifully and elegantly in less than 350 square feet? The home of Jennifer Pade, who lives in New York City, proves that it is possible to live large in a very small space. In fact, she’s lived in an apartment of just 325 square feet for the last 17 years, which proves that less is more.

Take a look:

Below, a view of the living room. Just beyond the living room, you get a peek of the bedroom.

DSC 0659 interiors

And here, you see the kitchen, which flows seamlessly into the living room:

DSC 0692 interiors

DSC 0712 interiors

And below, the bedroom.

DSC 0756 interiors

And so we’re back to the living room:
DSC 08411 interiors

We’d say that Pade has mastered the art of small living. She has managed to make a tiny space feel huge, by simply adopting a few tricks.


1) She’s kept everything white, bright and light. Outfitting the floors in a bleached wood look provides a feeling of expansiveness and helps light bounce around the room. She’s keep cabinetry white to continue that open feeling. The use of neutrals for the bed, couch and walls, continues the airy theme.

2) She’s shown remarkable restraint in collecting objects. In fact, the space is very spare at this size, which helps it to feel calm and relaxing. Pade says she lives by the rule, if anything comes in, something else must go out.

3) Her space has important architectural details that go a long, long way to creating a sense of grandeur. High ceilings, tall windows with lots of natural sunlight, help this space to feel much larger than it actually is.

5. Tall cabinets in the kitchen make use of vertical space that might otherwise go to waste. She also changed the door between the kitchen and bathroom into a pocket door that takes up no space.

What an inspiration!


Images via Apartment Therapy.

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