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A Blissful Meditative Spa for Sonoma Sybarites

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A serene spa pavilion for meditation and yoga opens to the landscape of balmy Sonoma County in Northern California.

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The meditation retreat, designed by SF-based Aidlin Darling Design, is set in the rambling garden of an existing rammed-earth house.

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Friends and family can come here to regroup.

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Included is a peaceful dining pavilion to enjoy a leisurely al fresco meal with friends.

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Next to the dining pavilion, a pool offers a quiet place of rest and relaxation.

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The outdoor yoga studio overlooks the rolling hills of Sonoma, providing a zen-like retreat.

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A rustic trellis further provides shade from the California sun and frames distant views of San Francisco to the south.

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The utter simplicity of its design is conducive to a spa-like experience of getting away from it all.

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Connecting the spa to the main house is a quiet rammed-earth entrance curved around the stairs.

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A steam room completes the sybaritic retreat.

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Just a few strokes paint a space of pure bliss.

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