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A South African Retrofit with Timeless Glamour

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A renovation of the Moss Oaklands Residence by Nico van der Meulen Architects in South Africa has a sophisticated urban vibe.

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Water features prominently in the sleek redesign creating a glamorous presence to meet the client’s brief.

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A new water feature at the entrance to the house creates a bridge that must be crossed to enter public spaces to one side, and private spaces to the other.

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The house is an update of a charming old 1950s era house set in a wonderful tropical garden.

But not very well built.

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In the rebuild, stronger construction of the new double volume spaces and sturdy flat roofs makes it possible to add a second story if desired in the future.

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The small original building was enlarged to include for bedrooms and large entertaining areas in a larger footprint.

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The result is a timeless modern space with an easy flow between its spaces.

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The raised ceilings create a sense of unlimited possibilities.

Sliding stacking doors open up one whole facade.

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The renovation increased the size of the bedrooms as well as their number.

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Sleek built-in fireplaces appear throughout, even in the newly spacious bedrooms.

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The confident renovation is impeccably contemporary and welcoming.

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Space is delineated outside as well as inside the house.

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It’s timeless grandeur comes from a harmonious balance between warm textured finishes and vast neutral colour planes.

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