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A Chilly Live-Work Home for An Art Collection

Scholl House 1 architecture
This Alpine retreat in Colorado is for clients who flit between Miami and Aspen.
Scholl House 2 architecture
The design hints at the fact that their architect, StudioB Architects also designs non-residential structures.
Scholl House 3 architecture
The exterior is clad in the sort of zinc panels you see on commercial buildings.
Scholl House 5 architecture
This kind of smooth panel zinc cladding is very energy-efficient, as well as super-efficient in construction.
Scholl House 4 architecture

But it makes for an interesting, if a somewhat cold aesthetic when used in the context of a place for living – but perhaps just right for clients who are serious collectors of very chic modern art.
Scholl House 7 architecture
The clients were looking for a design that was semi-commercial: less about a place to live, but primarily to exhibit an expanding and revolving art collection.
Scholl House 6 architecture
They display their collections of videography and photography in a gallery-like setting, and merely live a little around the edges.
art architecture
But the effect, though gallery-like, is luxurious. Live in an art gallery? Why not.
Scholl House 8 architecture

Where living must be carried out – for example in the kitchen – the brusque interiors are created of darkened oak flooring and hyper-efficient European metallic engineered cabinetry.
Scholl House 9 architecture
A chilly luxury in the bathrooms is imparted by Carerra marble and porcelain tile shower enclosures.
winecellar architecture

Clients come to admire the collection cannot fail to be impressed by the wine cellar too.

Scholl House 10 architecture

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