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Perky Non-Hotel is Just the Remedy for Jetlag

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What do you need most to end jetlag?  A jolt of juicy fresh clean color! Am I right?

It’s all that beige plastic that causes jetlag. Being cooped in the beige interiors of beige airplanes for hours is what causes jetlag. Its really overexposure to too much beige. It has nothing to do with nocturnal rhythms.

This hotel for a stopover along your travel path is just the cure!
townhousestreet 2 architecture
Permanent Hospitality Spaces is a completely new kind of non-hotel that operates like a self-service kiosk. You enter your room right off the street. You don’t blither around in a jet lagged haze looking for the lobby, bothering with checking in and so on. You just get in, take a bath, conk out.

Well, first: back home before you left, you booked in. You got your entry code online when you booked, and you just keyed it in The doors are electronically controlled by an alphanumeric keypad on which to type the code reservation you got from
townhousestreet 3 architecture
In the morning, briskly on your way to your appointment, awake and alert, and feeling confident that you will find what you need in the strange city!
townhousestreet 4 architecture
Or, on second thoughts…
townhousestreet 5 architecture
Is all this neon briskness a little overkill?
townhousestreet 6 architecture
Can you really sleep soundly in this hectic place – or would you feel as if you are trying to nap in Grand Central Station?
townhousestreet 7 architecture
Arrhhgh! Get me out of here!

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  1. hallway furniture Says:

    Here was me thinking it was the crossing of timesones causing jetlag. Beige the culpirt – it is not April the 1st yet!

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