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A Clifftop “Walking Trail” House from Sou Fujimoto

house o sou fujimoto 11 architecture

The 38-year- old Japanese architect, Sou Fujimoto recently won the Taiwan Tower competition with a visionary example of futuristic biomimicry.

He is carving a big name internationally as a protagonist of what he calls the “primitive future.”

house o 21 architecture

In “House O” Fujimoto is working on – obviously – a much more intimate scale, but here too he is seeking out completely new geometric orders based on natural elements.

house o 61 architecture

“I’m interested in creating a sort of situation in which human habitation develops around the idea of living inside a nest or cave,” Fujimoto says.

house o 71 architecture

“A cave is just raw space, which people need to explore and find their own comfort within….a situation where people can use space creatively. I prefer cave-like unintentional space, something between nature and artefact.”

house o 41 architecture

At each fold, the three metre wide section shifts to create greater depth and incident in plan.

house o 111 architecture

He says this is like “living among clouds….a distinct boundary is nowhere to be found, except for a gradual change in the domain”.

house o 10 architecture

“You could say that an ideal architecture is an outdoor space that feels like the indoors and an indoor space that feels like the outdoors”.

house o 11 architecture

“In a nested structure, the inside is invariably the outside and vice versa.”

house o 811 architecture

“I wanted to create a feeling of looking out from the recesses of a cave,” Fujimoto says.

house o 91 architecture

Indeed, the ragged angles of the house, all glassed in on the view side – creates a path along one side of the house “akin to a walking trail along a coast.”

The resident/visitor could “happen by a panoramic view, sometimes feel the ocean at [their] back or find the ocean through a small gap.”

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