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Hardwood Floors for Every Mood

Ambience Wood Flooring is a great source in the U.K. which sells a vast range of hardwoods and stains and all the right eco-friendly sealers (Bona is top of the line) to finish them.

ambience hardwoods interiors

Here’s some ideas for some inspirational ways to use their incredible range of gorgeous and exotic hardwoods.

ambience fineline walnut interiors

An intriguingly dark tropical look comes from a fine line walnut. Ambiance Hardwoods offers both traditional hardwoods like oak and walnut, but some tempting exotic woods as well, jatoba, lapacho and iroko wood as well.

ambience lapacho tropical interiors

Lapacho is considered one of the most exotic flooring materials in the world.

What gives it so much depth is the variety of different shades that this naturally lush tropical creates.

CostaLanta21 interiors

Offset by crisp white linens in a setting like this, a wood like lapacho creates a rich and somber mood.

ambience hardwood floor interiors

Deep dark woods are soothing to live with and they can even have a psychological cooling effect.

ambience wide plank interiors

The use of a wide plank width gives this smooth and sleek walnut  an urbane sophistication.

ambience solid roast blacknut interiors

Another gorgeous wood they offer is this solid roast blacknut. Another exotic-looking hardwood popular in Chinese architecture, that is also not endangered.

Blacknut has references that go back well over 3,000 years: supposedly this was the wood used in the construction of the Ark of the Covenant!

ambience fineline oak interiors

By contrast with their fine line walnut, their fine line oak almost looks like a bamboo, but since oak is a hardwood, it’s much harder and more durable.

ambience fine oak interiors

Seen here in a New York loft, it has all the durability that you expect from oak, but a cheerful and lighthearted personality.

ambience jatoba interiors

The rich and resonant jatoba hardwood is recommended by the good wood guide as a great substitute for endangered Teak.

jatoba interiors

Not only is this scrumptious Jatoba not endangered, but we might see more of it in future climates.

In 2003, scientists discovered that the tree grows much faster in atmospheres with high levels of carbon dioxide!

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  1. Edward Stuart Says:

    That fine line oak is gorgeous. What a whimsical yet sophisticated look. Certainly not common. Thanks for the great post!

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