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A Contemporary Zigzag Dwelling in Switzerland

a architecture

An amusing zigzag of concrete roof appears to sit on nothing but glass atop this interesting house in Switzerland.

g architecture

The building, from Switzerland-based SimmenGroup accomodates multiple families in contemporary style.

i architecture

The design succeeds in avoiding the “production-line look” of most multiple family dwellings; each family has a unique vantage point.

b architecture

The iconic building measures almost 7,000 sq. ft.

d architecture

Each of the units within the whole is spacious and airy, with bold contemporary design.


Massive cabinetry, here for a double sink, manages to be imposing and yet precise, neither more than less than is needed.

e architecture

Switzerland’s fresh clean air can be enjoyed during an al fresco brunch.

c architecture

As night falls, a golden glow emanates from the extensive glass facades above while a clever outdoor lighting design below preserves the privacy within by illuminating pools and waterfalls closer to sightlines.

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