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A Dramatic Black House for Viewing a Desert Landscape

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When viewing California’s Joshua Tree National Park through the black entry courtyard of this house the colors are enhanced.

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In the Black Desert House by by Marc Atlan and Oller & Pejic, somehow the black makes the desert all the brighter by contrast.

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Inside, in the living room, brilliant reds, fuchsias and oranges complete the golds of the desert and the blue of the sky.

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A pair of Louis VIII chairs add an wry touch of pompousness that is amusingly out of place with the raw power of nature at its most elemental.

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The jagged modernity of the stark black house itself is more of a match to its surroundings.

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As the plan shows, the courtyard center takes up almost a third of the space.

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The unique setting of the desert seen to the horizon is fully matched by this dramatic home.

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The house literally reflects the stark beauty of its desert surroundings in mirrored windows.

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The sense of oasis and respite from the dry desert is enhanced by the power of the unrelenting black.

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The bold house really capitalizes on the experience of desert living.

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A truly incredible experience.

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A very arty chandelier in bright white – Zettel’z 5 light fixture made of love notes – boldly contrasts with its all black interior.
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This piece just perfectly balances a rocky outcropping outside the house.

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A guest bedroom looks inward to the intimate rocks framing the pool setting.
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The unremitting black inside and out provides relief for the eyes in all of the glare of the desert.
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Yet for all the melodrama of the design, the house itself is really quite modest.

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The Black House is really quite a small dwelling in the desert, that barely infringes upon its wild and rugged landscape.

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