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Tropical Ease and Sophistication in a Singapore Garden Villa

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Here is one of two identical houses built for a client’s teenage sons and their future families in Singapore.

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The new house is on a very narrow lot next to the existing home from Aamer Architects.

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A glamorous rooftop pool tops the narrow house that very nearly fills the lot.

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A zigzag floor plan allows windows on three sides – making the house seem much more open than the narrow plot really is.

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Ceiling height french doors completely open the wall to the lush garden outside.

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The many very tall thin french doors create the feeling of a tropical conservatory.

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The zigzag floor plan solves the challenge of the very narrow plot, along with the stacked vertical garden.

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It means every room in the narrow garden villa gets much more than its natural share of light and views.

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Every room is both physically and psychologically cooled by the luscious tropical greenery outside.

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This cooling greenery starts right outside at the ground floor next to a watery moat, and continues up the wall close to the open house.

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A playful touch in the entry is a window up to the rooftop pool.

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This is achieved by a glass bottom to part of the pool, quite an engineering feat!

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In each of thsee identical houses, the boys’ bedrooms upstairs are accessed from outdoors via a spiral stair that continues up to the pool on the roof.

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This exterior spiral staircase is a lovely artistic feature that seems to echo the natural world surrounding it.

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It is perfectly centered so as to provide a wonderful view from the kitchen as well.

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Creepers twining up vertical timber trellises extend above the rooftop swimming pool, cooling the house from above.

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This rooftop pool is overlooked from a half height penthouse room with an expansive sky view over the neighborhood.

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Altogether it’s a gorgeously liveable space that brilliantly overcomes the challenge of Singapore’s typically cramped lots.

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