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A Faux Flat Roof for a Home in Brazil


The desire of the client was for a home with a flat roof exterior.


But Jacobsen Arquitetura was required by the local Brazilian building codes to design with a gabled roof.


So the architects extended out a deep and boxy wooden trellis that hides the gable.

61 architecture

Partly because of the very small lot, the house is always experienced up close, so the gables can’t be seen by the client above the trellis.


The clients were happy with the gable experienced from inside, and the local council was happy with the actual gable on the outside.

The street side of the house is private – hiding the private bedrooms and the hallway access to them.
Blackened wood is used for the cladding privacy screening from the street.

But as structural timbers, a rich tropical hardwood was used in the trellis and for all the detailing throughout.

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