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8 Ways to Declutter Long Before You Make a Move

The prospect of moving to a beautiful, new home can be an exhilarating feeling — until you realize how much clutter you have accumulated in your present space. Although the thought of sorting through tons of clutter can seem overwhelming, take a breath. If you get started now, you can maximize the space in your home in stages, and avoid having to slave both day and night to meet a moving deadline that’s only a week or two away.

Kitchen Area

  1. Start With the Easy Stuff

Items that you aren’t sentimentally or visually attracted to are the easy things to get rid of, so begin your declutter journey here. Think old magazines, books you read once and don’t care to read again, reusable bags that have been reused one time too many,ancient, odd-smelling cosmetic samples and old toiletry containers that have just a smidge of product left in them — but, for some odd reason, you couldn’t bear to throw them away.

  1. Get Rid of Items That You Bought But Have Never Used

Although buying that pair of 4-inch-high, multicolored, fringed platform heels may have seemed like a no-brainer at the time because they have a designer name and they were an absolute steal, have you ever found occasion to wear them?What about those “as seen on TV” kitchen gadgets that are gathering dust on your countertop, have you ever turned them on? If not, donate them. If you aren’t ready to do that, find an occasion to wear or use whatever it is,  and see if you think you can live without it.

Closet art home decor

  1. Purge Your Closet With Fresh Eyes

Start asking yourself questions. Do you need four blue-jean jackets? Aren’t a couple of black tank tops enough?Should you really be holding on to something you wore clubbing 10 pounds and two kids ago? It’s time to let go. Try on each duplicate item and chose one or two from the bunch. Donate the rest. As far as old clothing, which you’ve outgrown that has sentimental value, try to let it go. Chances are you won’t — or at least, you shouldn’t — wear it again and it’s just taking up space.

  1. Do the Same With Your Kitchen Area

Just like your closet, you likely have duplicates of utensils, sets of dishes or even small appliances you can get rid of. Throwing good away good utensils and appliances is a waste, however. Instead, Livable, a solution for storage in SF and other cities, recommends donating good, used items, “Someone will appreciate your generosity and it won’t end up in a landfill.”

Tackle the Attic or Basement

  1. Tackle the Attic or Basement

These out-of-the-way areas of your home can become catch-alls for things you think you might need someday, but you really never do. If you’re like many people, you may have boxes stacked upon boxes of items long forgotten. Hopefully, you labeled everything well. If not, that adds an extra step to your decluttering unless you just want to go with your gut and get rid of it sight unseen. If something has been packed up for years and you haven’t missed it, chances are you won’t – heirloom items excluded.

  1. Look for Anything You Want to Refresh

If you’re planning a move in the future, you may want to invest in some new linens, towels, rugs, household décor or furniture. If any of these items are something you’re planning to buy new when you move and you can live without them now, consider giving them away to a family member, donating or selling them to free up space. If you have furniture you’re not ready to part with, consider storing it.

  1. Other Rooms

If you have other rooms in your home, such as an office or playroom, take the time to go through cabinets, drawers, closets and other storage areas to declutter. If you have children, sometimes it’s best to go through old toys when they aren’t around. Otherwise, you may be met with resistance. Some children are mature enough to let go of their old toys, whereas others want to hang on to everything.

  1. Pack Up What You Don’t Need Right Away

One last tip. While you are decluttering, go ahead and pack up things you won’t need until after your move. For example, when working on your clothes closet, box up any clothes, shoes or accessories that are just out of season. If you happen to have dishes that you only use on special occasions, pack those up, too. This is a tip that can help you save a lot of time come time to move.

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