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A Garden Studio that Floats in the Evening Light

Ashton Porter Architects 1 architecture

A glazed strip round the bottom of this garden studio’s wooden facade makes it appear to hover mysteriously above ground level – like a spaceship at the bottom of the garden.

Ashton Porter Architects 2 architecture

Ashton Porter Architects added the garden studio behind an existing Victorian semi-detached villa in London, in retrofitting both the house and the garden to accommodate a change in lifestyle to working at home.

Ashton Porter Architects 3 architecture

An new single storey detached studio workroom was built at the bottom of the garden, which makes it an enticing spot to get some work done after dinner, doesn’t it?

Ashton Porter Architects 4 architecture

The typically Victorian deep narrow site allowed for the creation of a courtyard deck between the two buildings for the retrofit that is one of two winners of New London Architecture‘s Don’t Move, Improve! award.

Ashton Porter Architects 5 architecture

Timber decking made for a low upkeep exterior area, suitable both for childrens’ play, and for adult meetings. Underneath, the  the hidden pump and filter system for an adjacent pond.

Ashton Porter Architects 6 architecture

A series of timber hatches lift to reveal a subterranean sandpit, a firepit and paddling pool with hot and cold plumbed water. The timber courtyard also houses a small circular lawn, in a nod to the concept of the more traditional London garden.

Ashton Porter Architects 7 architecture

The studio is suggestive of a typical garden shed, in its humble materials: simple stressed plywood insulated wall panels with timber cladding.

Ashton Porter Architects 9 architecture

The space between the two buildings transforms the garden into a courtyard.

From the house, it appears that an apparently solid wall ends the garden space, making the garden studio something of a secret getaway.

Ashton Porter Architects 10 architecture

The easy-care hard landscape timber surface changes from formal public landscape into a children’s play area.

Ashton Porter Architects 11 architecture

The office space is kept deliberately bland, focusing on the work to be done, and not the distraction of a charming garden space.

Typically home workers must battle disruption from the domestic environment.

Ashton Porter Architects 13 architecture

The unseen garden becomes a bridge that creates separation between living and working – but is also usable as a family space at weekends and evenings.

The work room suggests discipline and an orderly focus on work. The children are also able to use the computers as well as a layout surface for homework and quiet drawing or reading.

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