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A Holiday House on Ireland’s Rugged Sea Coast

A2 Architects 3 architecture

This seaside cottage on Ireland’s east coast by Dublin studio A2 Architects is intended for year-round use.

A2 Architects 2 architecture

The house is made of two volumes, clad in untreated douglas fir, that rest on a cast concrete platform. Green grass roofs shield the interior from harsh weather, and visually connect the house into the patchwork of potato fields behind it.

A2 Architects 8 architecture

Large windows front and back open out to the sea in front, and to potato fields in the back. Radiant underfloor heating and super-tight insulation make the house comfortable for winter holidays as well as summer.

A2 Architects 4 architecture

In the back of the house, a sheltered evening terrace enjoys west sun and views of the horizon through the living room.

A2 Architects 6 architecture

Running down the center of the house, a light-box corridor skylight connects the two wooden halves, separated into public and private.

A2 Architects 9 architecture

A cast terrazzo fireplace anchors the extremely minimal interior of one side, simply one large living and dining space. Clerestory windows bring reflected a cool light into the timber lined space.

A2 Architects 1 architecture

The other side houses the bedrooms, bathrooms and the kitchen. A cool light – the color of sea glass – is filtered down into the house through the central corridor skylight.

A2 Architects 12 architecture

Shown here with no furniture, the interior is quite stark. But this brisk palette of materials – terrazzo, concrete, douglas fir – makes for easy cleaning and holidays where sandy feet are no problem.

The colors of the sea are subtly played throughout the house.

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