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A Glass House within A Rhythmic Modular Frame

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A bold series of steel frames marches the length of this house, and is intercepted by concrete stairs to an outdoor living platform.

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Modular too is its entry – that takes you through an unusual equestrian height door (like in old Spanish enclosed Hacienda courtyards entered on hordseback) into a double height vestibule.

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By Foursquare Builders, this Texas home has a style all its own.

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The house successfully blends the busiest of antique oriental rugs with the scrupulous simplicity of utterly minimal glass and steel to contain a shelter in its woodland setting.

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Some of the antique furnishings work less well in the minimal and modern design of the house, like this lamp.

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But that is what makes the creation of architectural design so interesting.

Clients are all different, with different hopes and desires, and making all these very different dreams come true is the work of architecture.

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