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Transparent Dutch Hat like a Tent Roof Anchors a Holiday House

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An intriguing Origami-like tent roof folds at an angle over a breezy vacation home that is nearly all outdoor “rooms.”

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Cincopatasalgato Arquitectura designed the unusual house on the outskirts of the capital city of the Latin American country of El Salvadore.

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Concrete steps take you up to a concrete deck that acts as a ground floor for the house.

The transparent material of the roof overhang is unknown.

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A pool is set into this concrete deck, creating a true focal point in the dry mountainous setting.

74 architecture

Under the overhanging roof, every room is a boxy modular series of contained spaces, whether indoors or out.

The living room can be completely open air, with sliding glazing that opens fully.

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A more fully glazed module is the master bedroom, offering views on three sides.

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The giant overhang shades and cools the second-floor pool from midday through the long hot afternoons.

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This pool is also the first to greet the morning sun on the concrete deck that houses a series of small green roofs.

Here the living room is seen above the outdoor dining pavilion.

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The repetition of squares of green roof/blue pool/green roof echo the modular rooms above.

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Viewed from anywhere, each room or outdoor space has its own little “box” to itself, reminiscent of Montreal’s Habitat 67 apartment complex.

An odd and memorable place.

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