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A Glorious Contemporary Greek House

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This clear and simple design has a big architecture feature I found lovely:

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This glass-sided entrance ramp pierces the house itself, where it continues right along into the interior by becoming the glass-side to the mezzanine and the stair down to the living room.

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The architecture is by Greek firm Nikos Koukourakis.

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The living room looks out over a glorious pool bounded by the simplest of boundary walls, seemingly extending the edge of the living space.

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Two deep and bulky terraces of stucco create big blocky shapes on its front.

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At the furthest end of the ground floor from the pool, a super long dining table extends right off the kitchen work area at its end.

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The entrance ramp leads down this barely there stair: nothing more than blocks of wood extending out from the wall.

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A sculptural art piece on the wall is all you can hang onto as you descend the stairs, as if arriving is an act of art.

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Altogether a house with a seductive and quiet glamour.

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