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A Sophisticated Tropical Oasis at Mermaid Beach

bgd architecture

A very glamourous coastal home at Mermaid Beach in Queensland, Australia is designed by BGD Architects.

bgd1 architecture

It makes its own oasis, with a rich heavy timber colonnade ‘gift wrapping’ the outdoor area.

bgd4 architecture

This colonnade makes a grand entry, that is both open and enclosed, with a focal point at the end.

A tantalising glimpse of the ocean is like a tiny precious jewel in a box.

bgd5 architecture

As you get to the end of the colonnade, suddenly you are in the great room, which directly captures the full beachfront on the other side.

bgd6 architecture

This huge great room is designed to accommodate a growing family, multiple guests and frequent entertaining.

bgd11 architecture

In the front, its full length opens directly on to the wide white sand beach – from the marble and timber kitchen with chef’s scullery and abundant cold and dry storage – to the farthest end.

bgd12 architecture

To accommodate the inevitable sandy feet that accumulate in this setting, the flooring is durable and ‘swipe clean’ hardwood.

bgd2 architecture

Throughout, the palette of finishes of natural timbers and stone used are both durable and sophisticated.

bgd13 architecture

In the inner courtyard, not seen from the beach, is a private and expansive pool and entertaining core.

bgd3 architecture

This cool oasis behind the house forms a tropical, modern and comfortable entertainment area.

bgd8 architecture

A wide glazed hallway wraps the central courtyard on both the ground and first floor giving scenic circulation past the main entertainment area.

bgd7 architecture

The location is very fortunate: only one neighbouring property to the north, an extensive park to the south – and the wide sandy beachfront to the east.

bgd10 architecture

But my favorite part of this house is a perfect place, like a breath of fresh air.

bgd9 architecture

This bathroom – is truly just this side of heaven.

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