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A Graceful Organic Foot Bridge… With a Twist

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Miró Rivera Architects have designed this lovely, organic structure that blends gracefully into its densely vegetated Lake Austin setting.

The charming footbridge is totally integrated within its wetland setting.

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The lightweight structure is unmistakably organic and natural, its design inspired by the native reeds that cover the lake shores.

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All the more astonishing then is the robust nature of its construction – from 1/2 inch steel bars!

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These bars (or “reeds”)  intertwine at the abutments and have been beautifully made to “grow” naturally over the bridge, camouflaging its practical and maintenance-free steel construction.

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The arch structure spans 100 feet with a main span of 80 feet that diverges gracefully between the spring-point of the main span and the abutment.

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Surprisingly, this pedestrian footbridge is on private land.

The foot bridge connects a main house on the property with a newly constructed guest house.

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This almost invisible link is a  artistic and imaginative solution that is fully organic, yet never corny.

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