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A Casual and Effortless Beach Cottage for Harried New Yorkers

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The ultimate kick-off-your-shoes seaside escape is this beguilingly simple beach house by Stelle Architects.

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As blithely pleasing as its view, Surfside House overlooks the vast ocean at Bridgehampton, New York.

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Instead of putting in landscaping that fights the coastal climate, the natural dunes were restored with beach grass, bayberry and other native plants.

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Furnishings are bland and simple, the perfect invitation to loll about and get absolutely nothing done.

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In a light-saturated living space, a picture window encapsulates a beach vista that is as sweet as a primitive painting.

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A sun deck is designed for warming the New York-chilled body, while providing the option of a “sunhat” of shade at head level.

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In the kitchen, open to the sea air, a clanging collection of pots and pans hangs from a metal girder that forms the basic bones of the unassuming cottage.

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An outdoor shower is essential, of course. And three little windows like a child’s drawing.

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A sauna is housed next to the shower.

The steam for it comes courtesy of the sun. Electricity is supplied by solar panels boosted by geothermal heating and cooling.

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Friendly to bare feet still sandy from the surrounding dunes, the cottage is lined with slate tiles and easy care timber flooring.

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And the plan is as sweetly straightforward as the utterly simple cottage itself. Nails it.

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