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A Home that Grows as Your Family Does: Treehouse

treehouse1 architecture

Jular has come up with a modular and sustainable prefab house designed to be added to as a family grows: “Houses grow according to the needs of families or individuals, in the same way as the new branches of a tree.”

treehouse2 architecture

The company also makes all the built-in furniture of these Ikea-like little starter cottages in a very universal style. I like the no frills/no fuss approach that really just gets the job done.

treehouse5 architecture

The idea is that a young couple can start with the most minimal possible room for their needs, in order to avoid a costly mortgage, and gradually, as the years go by and they start a family, that they can add to it over time.

treehouse3 architecture

The company has been making wooden products for 35 years, and now makes these small wooden structures.

treehouse4 architecture

These simple dwellings respond to the demand for smaller houses both for economy, as well as sustainability, and the desire of young families to avoid the heavy burden of large mortgages, and to enjoy their lives, living life as it happens, rather than loading up on debt that depends on a stable job.

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