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A House in the Sky Drinks Up Malibu Ocean Views

Hume House 1 architecture
The Hume House in Malibu from Architect Steven Kent boasts at least 100 windows with ocean views.

Hume House 3 architecture
Suspended in the air over the mountains, this solid oak stair, set inside a sheer drop of glass, would feel like climbing up the sky.

Hume House 2 architecture
The vast Pacific and gigantic skies of California’s West Coast are all the decor the house needs. It is a view you never tire of.
Hume House 4 architecture
A practical and sleek kitchen…
Hume House 5 architecture
…creates an ultramodern home that is still casual and friendly, with an understated Californian style.
Hume House 6 architecture
Informal chic: the sofas are made for sprawling in front of the fire, yet keep up a convivial connection between guests, too.
Hume House 7 architecture
Clear morning light behind the distant hills infuses the clean simple lines of the bathroom.
Hume House 9 architecture
The house flows effortlessly outdoors as well.
Hume House 8 architecture
It is beautiful by day or night.
Hume House 10 architecture
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  1. Interior design renderings Says:

    Love the views! that house must be so relaxing to just sit and stare. The stairs might scare me a little bit being able to see through them and all.

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