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A Sustainable and Inspiring Marine Research Center for Bali

Marine Research Center Bali 2 green
The Croatian group AVP_arhitekti has created this sustainable design proposal for the new Marine Research Center Bali.

It is a base from which marine scientists can study Tsunamis off the coast of the gorgeous island of Bali.
Marine Research Center Bali 3 green
The underwater auditorium, in which to give the presentations to the public about their work, is just one of many spaces below “ground level.”

The new floating marine center houses everything needed for the scientists, with much of it underwater, from their bedrooms and kitchens, to their science needs like the laboratories and internet-connected computing rooms.
Marine Research Center Bali 4 green
At sea level, a seawater pool is one of the features. It is simply a portion of the ocean fenced underwater to keep out sea creatures that prey on humans.

Building surfaces with solar-electricity-generating facades (like these made by the German company SulphurCell) will provide the electricity. Natural lighting and ventilation (for the above-ground spaces) reduces energy consumption.

Characteristically Balinese craft motifs, colors and textures creates a design in balance with the local environment.

Marine Research Center Bali 1 green
“How to design a building within an impressive landscape (sea, volcanoes, temples, sunset…) without affecting such delicate balance?” That was the question.

The answer was to echo “the architectural heritage manifested in the various shapes and materials of traditional temples give that extra spice as one of the many unforgettable motifs of this beautiful island”.

Via Arch Daily

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