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A House of Water and Glass Drinks in Lakeside Views

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Between the water under this glass walkway; the pool beyond the living room; and the lake beyond that – this seems like a glass house built above water, as if the lake continues under the house.

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The lower level living room in the front of the house is accessed by stairs after crossing this glass bridge in the center, over open pools to each side.

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The living room (left) is at a lower level, and seems to be floating between two bodies of water, an indoor courtyard pool, and the pool outside.

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The arrows across the walkway shows the direction the house faces out over the lake.

So as you walk across the water towards the lake, you descend down to the lower ‘area publica’ living room.

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A section shows the higher dining room and kitchen at the back of the house.

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The living room or ‘area publica’ (with the pool and the lake to the left) is at the front of the house.

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From the kitchen it is almost as if you are perched in a glass box over the lake itself.

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The watery center of the house fronts right up to its dining room floor level, as viewed from across the central waterway from the lower living room.

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Upstairs, seamless glass similarly connects the viewer from a cave-like space to the lake beyond.
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As if time travelled from several centuries ago, an incongruous pair of Rococco chairs are paired with 21st century technology to add to the intrigue.

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Yet for all of its watery imagery, the house actually has a surprisingly plentiful amount of grass to run around on.

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The very novel house is by Andres Remy Arquitectos in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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