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Iconic Rusted Steel Kiosk for a Surfers’ Beach

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A kiosk at a surfer beach along Australia’s long coastline at Torquay is made from rusty weathered steel repurposed from old flood barriers.

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The structure was recognised by the Australian National Architecture Awards for its reverence for its environmental setting, engagement with beach culture and resilience to natural forces and energetic youths.

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The brief for Tony Hobba Architects was to combine changing rooms, toilets, a cafe and toilets for year round use at the popular beach.

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Weathered rusted metal forms a weather-proof coating around the building that will protect it against erosion.

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The reddish brown and yellow oxides of weathered steel harmonises with the colour of the surrounding cliffs.

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The construction is unique: self-supporting sheet piles – typically used to build seawalls and piers – are just slotted together to make the corrugated walls.

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With no fixed footings, the kiosk could be easily dismantled and reassembled elsewhere if necessary.

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The sheet piles are used as permanent formwork for the building slab, and extended up as the permanent retaining walls for the al fresco terrace and lookout.

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The unique folded appearance also reflects the prevailing coastline undulations and windswept vegetation.

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The iconic beach landmark accomodates one to three staff depending on the time of year and serves as an identifyable meeting point on the long coastline.

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It’s modest and elegant simplicity respects the local coastal environment and follows the Victorian Coastal Strategy.

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