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A Japanese Style Stone and Steel House Floats Atop a Cliff

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South African interior designers and architects GASS Architecture designed the Westcliff Pavilion project in Johannesburg, South Africa.

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The house is raised above the ground.

Stone harvested on the site itself is used in the structure.

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In a mind-bending twist this stone wall also “floats.”

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The elegant, timeless aesthetic has a zen touch to it.

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A bath tucked right in the wide open window is like the garden-access bath room in a traditional Japanese home.

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The Japanese effect also comes from the modular proportions of the black steel framing.

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The cliff-top site offers a uniquely private, tranquil hiding place in the trees at the ridge.

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Steel framing was chosen to touch the ridge as lightly as possible.

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The result is a simple and elegant contemporary home that feels like it floats within its wooded tree canopy – while enjoying magnificent views over the city of Johannesburg.

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