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A Three-Storey Garden Library in Zadní Třebáň

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Mjölk architekti have built a unique three-storey garden library that breaks all the rules.

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The second floor is really just slats of pine laid wall to wall.

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What appears to be the third floor is really just a seating rim around the top of the second floor bookcase.

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Only the ground floor boasts any furniture.

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The Library has an opening roof, “so the top of the house can be used as an observatory” say the architects.

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The three “floors” of the curious structure are accessed  via an internal ladder.

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This ladder is cleverly integrated so it looks like part of the booksheves.

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A wicked sense of childish glee informs the rudimentary structure.

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Is this unique garden retreat just an observatory/reading nook?

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Or have its Czech builder/owner/architects actually fulfilled a boyish dream of a making playful secret clubhouse?

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