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A Jolt of Joyous Color for an Eco Kindergarten in Paris

gaston bergeret1 architecture

Here is a sweet little building in the heart of Paris from .

gaston bergeret3 architecture

The cartoony Maraschino cherry windows protruding from (or set deeply into) the reflective metal cladding tell you this not just another building.

gaston bergeret9 architecture

Set in a lively district, the kindergarten cheerily advertises its function as public amenity, and the stimulating exterior doubtless emboldens the child who is about to be left, by stimulating a bright colorful sense of exploration and discovery.

gaston bergeret8 architecture

And once inside, these same pop out windows create small toddler scale rooms creating an atmosphere inside of security, warmth and protection.

The warm color of the wood is enhanced by a rosy glow from the cherry windows intercepting the sunlight.

gaston bergeret2 architecture

From the surrounding office buildings, as seen perhaps by parents, the roof of the kindergarten also has the cherry colored boxes on the roof.

Some are skylights and some house air treatment machinery and ventilation chimneys for bringing in fresh air and warming it in a heat exchanger with warmed air rising from the building.

4 architecture

This school is the first to comply with the City of Paris’s climate plan.

The thick façade allows no thermal bridges bringing in cold air from outside. The reflective quality of the solar cladding bounces more natural light into the building.

gaston bergeret7 architecture

The toddler scale created by all the pop out windows is apparent here.

gaston bergeret6 architecture

All of the window’s interiors formed by them are different, forming individual little rooms that are on a toddlers scale.

Photos: Gaston Bergeret

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