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Design Dilemma: Trends in Tile

It’s during the heat of summer that we appreciate tile floors the most. Cool on your feet, easy to clean and resistant to humidity and wear and tear, tile floors have been the floors of choice for centuries in hot climes. And today, the choices and styles of tile seem only to grow. Whatever the style or feel of your home, there’s a look out there to complement it. Here’s what’s hot now:

1) Tiles that look like wood.

Antique Wood Effect Tiles 2 how to tips advice

This trend is raging in Italy right now. A number of tile manufacturers have introduced lines of ceramic tile that are dead ringers for wood plank floors. The neat thing about these floors is that they exude the visual warmth of wood — cozy, rustic, worn — while maintaining all the practical aspects of ceramic tile. And of course the tiles can be laid in the same patterns you might use for wood or parquet. If a pipe should break in your home, no problem!

Antique Wood Effect Tiles 3 how to tips advice

2. Decorated vintage tiles.

153436 0 8 0380 eclectic floor tiles how to tips advice

We’ve seen this trend popping up everywhere. Decorated cement vintage tiles of the sort that are common on floors of old homes in Italy, Cuba, and in homes in South America, are popping up in more modern contexts. The patterns often are very graphic, with a 60s vibe.

153446 0 8 0379 eclectic floor tiles how to tips advice

Here’s what the tile looks like in a kitchen context.

56676 0 8 6136 eclectic kitchen how to tips advice

When this patterned tile is used on the floor, it makes a great alternative to an area rug.
And, there’s no need to worry when your guests spill red wine!

802401 0 8 7107 contemporary living room how to tips advice

3) Unusual shapes and finishes. Who says that tiles have to be square and white? Not us!
This year, tiles have taken on all sorts of shapes and looks. They can be long and skinny,
hexagonal,  triangular or pentagonal. They can look like wood, metal or satiny wallpaper.

380103 0 8 6652 contemporary entry how to tips advice

Above, check out the metal look. Below, you’ve got ceramic tile that looks like contemporary

graffiti 05 how to tips advice

4) Large format tiles. Remember how mosaic tiles were all the rage a few years ago?
Well, naturally the tide has turned and today, it’s very large tiles that are in vogue
with minimal grout lines. Gray is one of the hot colors, mimicking the look of a concrete floor.

170473 0 8 9679 contemporary kitchen how to tips advice

5) Tiles that incorporate text. Text has been a big trend in wallpaper and home decor for years now but the trend has finally made its way into the tile world.

grafetti1 how to tips advice

With so many choices in tile, it seems more natural than ever to incorporate some edgy tile looks into your home.

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