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A Jungle Resort Near the Mayan ruins in Belize

130 architecture

The Ka‘ana Belize is a charming and unpretentious old-world resort near some of the greatest treasures of the Mayan empire in Belize.

212 architecture

The uncomplicated design includes elements with some of the solidity and mass of the Mayan culture.

1010 architecture

Its symmetrical courtyard arrangement also evokes the historic Mayan mysteries.

310 architecture

Wide grassy savannahs can be glimpsed through the walls of this somnolent retreat.

611 architecture

The Western Belize site provides an upscale outpost for exploring the ruins of an exotic culture, yet from within their very midst.

410 architecture

The small luxury resort boasts handcrafted items like this unique rusty lampshade.

511 architecture

Weighty sinks are carved from thick stone reminiscent of the sculptures of the Maya.

1212 architecture

Even the plainer sinks have the air of ancient Mayan artefacts.

1113 architecture

Other handcrafted sculptural pieces are casually dotted around the grounds.

711 architecture

A peacefulness and sense of repose that draws on its dual Spanish and Mayan history pervades the small settlement.

910 architecture

Outdoor showers help reduce the effects of the quietly stultifying heat.

139 architecture

The conquering Spanish influence can also be seen in the tiled partitioned bathroom.

810 architecture

A charming resort; nestled within the lush natural wonders of Western Belize, surrounded by pristine jungles.

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