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An Open Japanese Garden Pavilion Like a Child’s Drawing

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From mA-style architects comes an interesting garden house next to the client’s main house.

With its square white base and steeply angled wooden roof, it is almost a child’s drawing of the perfect house.

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The front is completely open to the air, so it is more of a pavilion than a building.

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With what seems like a completely just-stroll-in entry at the side, the space seems strangely undefended for a structure in an urban neighbourhood.

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But in fact, not seen from inside, sliding doors along the outside wall can actually close off the space.

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A corridor connects it to the main house.

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Little study nooks dot the length of the new building.

A homework retreat for several children?

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The pavilion is a pleasingly proportioned combination of white room-height walls, with a pitched wooden roof creating a triangular window at each end letting in air and light.

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Its hugely exaggerated rafters become a design element in themselves, each decorated in a very droll manner with two hanging lightbulbs.

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From the vantage point of a loft space at one end, one looks the full length to the open triangle of airspace at the other end.

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Even this loft is a part of the same space, open out into the great room.

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On the outside, this loft end is enclosed in glass, suggesting it could supply guest accommodation.

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In an homage to Japanese tradition, a wood-framed white sliding panel creates a new garden entry connecting both the main house and this sweetly cartoonish new pavilion with its childlike lines and light wood and paint colors.

Very charming, and just a little mysterious.

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