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A Little House of Decks

deck house 1 architecture

This sweet and youthful little house by Japanese architecture firm Takeshi Hosaka Architects appears to be nothing more than a set of children’s white blocks simply placed one on top of the other.

deck house 2 architecture

Huge easy sliding walls of glass gleefully expose each floor to plenty of fresh air.

deck house 3 architecture

The airy stairways intersect the spaces like more of the white railings that edge the decks.

deck house 4 architecture

The spindly white chairs echo the motif, offset by naturally weathered wood on the decks.

deck house 5 architecture

The plain wholesome oak table for setting down and taking a meal is just right. As are these simple open white shelves that let you just see what to cook in the simple zen kitchen.

deck house 6 architecture

The entire house has a charming youthfulness to it.

It is the perfect first house for a young and energetic couple. Look at all the climbing that must be accomplished between almost every room!

deck house 7 architecture

But what is at the bottom? The disparate styles of the stair, the rounded door and the frumpy curtain just do not work and add nothing to the house.

I almost left this last picture out. It just ruins the excellent design coherence of the rest of the house.

But perhaps if the curtain was a bold blue and the round door was a kids block red, this would make more sense in this house. Your thoughts – how would you fix this?

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