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Steel, Concrete, and Wood Warms a Hip Home in Seattle

Leschi Residence 1 architecture

Is there anything more quintessentially hip than this look?

Just cubes of battleship grey steel – deep rust toned woods – offset by urbane whitened concrete. Even the proportion of the square window’s framing is spot on.

Leschi Residence 2 architecture

And the wood panelling underneath the entry walk is adds a sophisticated finish to the look, that makes it clear that the steel cladding was not chosen for economy.

This trendy Leschi Residence in hip Seattle, Washington was designed by local firm Adams Mohler Ghillino Architects.

Leschi Residence 3 architecture

The severity of the steel cladding is offset here by the appealingly vague rough-hewn softness of these molded garden stairs.

Leschi Residence 4 architecture

Overall, the house is one very hip building for living in. It could be a graphic design studio, not a home.

Leschi Residence 5 architecture

A charming touch inside is the open riser steel stair that ‘floats’ within a huge glass window, giving the sensation of climbing through the garden whenever ascending or descending the stairs.

Leschi Residence 6 architecture

The use of a mix of exotic woods inside makes for a warm and inviting interior.

Leschi Residence 8 architecture

On the top floor, the ceiling is clad in a deep-hued wood.

Leschi Residence 7 architecture

Inside and outside are blurred by the curtain wall of glass that slides completely open.

Throughout the house, a patchwork effect of many different woods is used to great effect to add warmth and individuality to the home.

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