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A Loft in Tribeca Converted for the 1%

408 Greenwich 1 architecture
Ever wonder just what really pricy loft spaces look like?
408 Greenwich 3 architecture

Here’s what $7.6 million buys in my old neighborhood of Tribeca, in downtown Manhattan.

408 Greenwich 2 architecture

As someone who in my youth occupied several converted warehouses – barely turned into live/work loft spaces – these glamorous and pricy dwellings are some eye-openers!

408 Greenwich 11 architecture

These images of the lifestyles of the 1% are a far cry from the rudimentary bathrooms that artists built in those days.

408 Greenwich 8 architecture

It is not clear if the $7.6 million includes this expensive-looking art.

408 Greenwich 6 architecture

The division of the open warehouse space seems a little odd – New York’s loft warehouses used to be big open spaces that opened right off the freight elevator. Why all the fussy little curved vestibule and foyer spaces to greet the guests?

408 Greenwich 10 architecture

Perhaps this unnervingly concave curved wall for the bedroom is less than successful. There are no photos of it.

408 Greenwich 4 architecture

It is curved just to make this wall behind the dinner table a convex shape. While it echoes the windows in the great room, it hardly seems worth the sacrifice.

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One comment so far to “A Loft in Tribeca Converted for the 1%”
  1. Rebecca Says:

    Perhaps the curved walls are to further reduce the "warehouse" connection?

    You got your concave and convex mixed up.

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