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A Luxurious Stone House on a Rocky Cliff in Baja, Mexico

casa finisterra2 architecture

Like a warming spot in a cliffside cave lookout, the living room of Casa Finisterra in Cabo San Lucas has a primal quality.

casa finisterra1 architecture

The glass and stone house, from New York city-based studio Steven Harris Architects, clings to a rocky coast in Baja California Sur, Mexico.

casa finisterra7 architecture

Some rooms of the coastal “cave” house are completely open to the private sun on the steep cliff.

finisterra1 architecture

The house is sophisticated and sleek, by contrast with its primitive setting.

finisterra 03 architecture

The only sound, the unceasing swing of the surf on the beach far below.

casa finisterra10 architecture

The luxuriously sun-blessed house has seven bathrooms for its five bedrooms.

finisterra 2 architecture

Some provide a peak at the ancient rock formations of the beach below.

casa finisterra9 architecture

In the balmy climate, an outdoor living room gets use both day and night.

casa finisterra4 architecture

Giant boulders are the only landscaping in the arid coastal climate.

casa finisterra8 architecture

These gigantic boulders are incorporated right into the stone and glass dwelling.

casa finisterra3 architecture

The infinite blues and greens of the gorgeous Baja coast provide the landscaping.

casa finisterra11 architecture

The rambling 9,000 square foot cliffside dwelling is part of a gated Mexican resort-community.

casa finisterra5 architecture

Almost entirely glass and stone, it’s built to survive the centuries.

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