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A Luxury Boutique Hotel in South Africa

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The POD boutique Hotel in Cape Town is designed by Greg Wright Architects.

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Massive blocks of granite behind the pool balance the weighty landmarks of Lions Head and Table Mountain.

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The heavy granite and the oversized tree trunks do not seem out of scale in this setting.

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In the dramatic landscape of South Africa, the gigantic trunks have the right weight.

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The color palette also derives from heavy materials such as slate, South African native timbers and granite.

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By night this outdoor seating area affords a sunset view out across Camps Bay Beach.

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The drama of the natural surroundings is balanced in the massive weight of the materials chosen.

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Beds are set on a raised alcove of weathered wood that surrounds the sleeper on three sides.

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Even the lighting is bold and full of drama.

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In the dining room too, the wood that shields you on three sides – roof, wall, floor – echoes the shape of the outdoor seating.

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Weighty granite slabs give a discrete gravitas to the bathroom.

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The huge logs appear to be situated on the sands of Camps Bay Beach that stretches in front of the hotel.

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Each of the fifteen rooms have extensive views over one or two of these landmarks.

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Altogether a luxurious and discrete design for a Boutique hotel.

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