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Oh, Canada: A Heavenly Home

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Ottawa River House is a cool and serene three level contemporary home in Ontario by Canadian studio Christopher Simmonds Architect.

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An elongated entry under cedar planking draws you into a vista that will develop into the dominant theme.


312 architecture

A confidently executed skylight surprises on the way through the front door.

412 architecture

To move through the space is to enjoy a well orchestrated sequence of views out over Lake Ottowa.

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The experience inevitably accompanies every traversing of the interlocking interior walkways – until it is wound into your very soul.

610 architecture

So it is a house that walks through one vast airy space after another.

711 architecture

A glorious fire in an enormous bath room – with an even more enormous view – recharges the spirit.
89 architecture

Soft natural colors of limestone tiles and northern woods balance a blackened metal fireplace.
910 architecture

The bathroom fireplace shares the chimney with the living room fireplace below.
107 architecture

The  stunning views of the stark northerly waterscape is echoed in the somber palette of the interior.

129 architecture

The palette of materials include dark stained, quarter-sawn oak  and cabinets in dark stained ash.

134 architecture

In the kitchen the flooring is dark, but now white porcelain and white quartz countertops come into play against the glossy black.

1110 architecture

A series of quite small (but necessary) rooms occupies the middle two angles.

211 architecture

So the house is smaller than it seems – but very large in the huge views that are traversed overlooking Ontario’s Lake Ottowa.

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