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A Modern Glass and Ancient Stone House in Poland

MOFO1 architecture

This apparent extension of a house with a glass box is fascinating. It really looks as if an outdoor deck has simply been completely encased in glass, even underneath!

MOFO2 architecture

The dining room is cantilevered out over the top of the grass in a way that makes this glass box concept clear.

MOFO5 architecture

Just two elements dominate and are contrasted, throughout the house.

MOFO13 architecture

A stone “chimney” at the heart of the house houses the swimming pool.

MOFO12 architecture

Stone, ancient, rustic and traditional is contrasted against huge panes of glass, modern, clean lined and contemporary.

MOFO6 architecture

From a distance, only the huge stone tower is visible above the trees.

MOFO7 architecture

Smooth polished concrete floors sweep through the entire structure, connecting the whole.

MOFO8 architecture

Open on both sides to the surrounding greenery through the huge glass walls, the house is cool and refreshing.

MOFO9 architecture

As if to echo the greenery outside, the predominant color within is also green.

MOFO10 architecture

Set in a forest clearing in the countryside, even the bedroom is unscreened for privacy.

MOFO111 architecture

Similarly, an “open air” bath can be enjoyed in private in this Polish country house.

MOFO3 architecture

The house, near Krakow, has a relaxed and yet warm and inviting contemporary feel to it.

MOFO4 architecture

MOFO Architects have created a house that is close to nature, but well separated from the weather.

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