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Sweet Beach House is Built on Sand

beachfront 1 architecture

An ancient and likely sensible architectural building code advises that we should not build castles on sand. But the bold contemporary Peruvian architects Vertice Arquitectos seem unconcerned.

beachfront 2 architecture

This utterly open and gorgeous beach house at at Palillos beach is the result, with its floors and walls and even rudimentary furniture seemingly grown out of sand rock itself.

beachfront 6 architecture

The open front and white limestone interior gives it the feeling of a cave in a limestone cliff overlooking the sea.

beach architecture

It overlooks a million-dollar view of the ocean near Lima.

beachfront 7 architecture

From behind, the house brings a contemporary urban zing to beach house design.

beachfront 3 architecture

Subtly marine-themed windows pierce the entry wall, ceding access to the huge, open and lofty space.

beachfront 4 architecture
A kitchen are occupies just a fraction of the huge space.

beachfront 5 architecture

By sharp contrast with the completely open front, each of the side walls is solid and windowless to preserve privacy as gradually more holiday houses also dare to build on the beachfront sand to enjoy this million-dollar view.

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  1. Paul Says:

    The design of this house is simply stunning!

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