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A Modern Living Structure From Urban Israel

Pitsou Kedem 1 architecture

Here is a brutally chic house for the super modern and urbane, set in Ramat Gan, Israel. A clean-cut white box allows a mere few precise fronds of permitted vegetation to sprout.

Pitsou Kedem 2 architecture

“The house constitutes a pure and immaculate bubble which invites those using the spaces into a world of design values that are radically different from those of the surrounding, chaotic, urban world, ” say the architects,  Pitsou Kedem.

“The façade facing the street is remarkable in its restraint and the desire to create an exact and restrained show”, according to the architects.

Pitsou Kedem 3 architecture

Within the huge sterile box shape, long, horizontal lines have been cut through the white walls, as if to create an artificial manmade version of the dappled shade of trees. 

Pitsou Kedem 6 architecture

‘The polished form, the perfection shown in every detail and the fusion of the different materials, the monastic language, meticulously styled with great care’ says Dezeen.

Pitsou Kedem 7 architecture

The vast citified white spaces it encloses offer the solitude and clarity of absolute silence and scrupulous perfection.

Pitsou Kedem 5 architecture

“The grooved and perforated envelope constitutes a type of polished and minimalistic object which brings out the monastic and minimized language.” The repetitive and rhythmic language of staircases are a feature not a bug.

Pitsou Kedem 4 architecture

To make up for the silence of the vast structure, the clackety clack of heels on the steel staircases set throughout the vast open structure tap out an urgent and forthright message of business and efficiency.

Pitsou Kedem 8 architecture

This is an interesting, vast, open, clean cut and meditative house for young people prepared to do a lot of walking forth, in an uncompromising gallery-like setting that borders on the officious.

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