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Design Dilemma: Large Photography at Home

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Last week we took a look at the major design trends of 2012. Up there on the list was the move toward large-scale photography in the home. Large-scale art work of every sort is a trend that has been gaining in popularity in recent years. Why? Because there’s no simpler way to bestow atmosphere, color and impact in a room than to bring in art, and usually the larger the better. Large scale art also eliminates the need to artfully craft a “gallery” style wall. It only takes one piece to provide a lot of pizzazz to any room.

The trend to bring in large scale photos is the latest wrinkle in decor and may reflect the fact that photography is often more affordable than a painting. Another plus is that  family photos can be blown up and used to create art, making photography extremely personal but also wallet-friendly.

Take a look:

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Above, a family photograph has been blown up and mounted to create a cool piece of art in the dining room.  Reprinting photos in black and white is a simple way to give graphic punch to ordinary family photos. Check out another example below, in which a family photo has been turned into wallpaper in a living room.

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And here, a color photograph gets extra punch by being divided into a grid pattern. It can be done if you have the patience to do a lot of cutting!

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Here are a couple of other interiors featuring large-scale photography:

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How can you get onboard this trend?

  • Become the artist by culling through old photos of family and friends. If you see something you like, you can have it enlarged and framed to add an artsy, personal touch to your home.
  • Check out the annual sales and open studios at art schools. You’ll find photography at bargain prices.
  • Comb the internet. Affordable online galleries featuring photographs are easy to find.
  • Rotate the pieces you collect. Move things around for a fresh perspective from time to time. Find new ways to arrange and group photographs.
  • Don’t be afraid to mix color and black and white. photos. Though we are most used to seeing uniform displays of photos in either color or black and white, the room above proves that both can live well together on the same wall.
  • Choose what you love. Pick pieces that have personal resonance for you, no matter how quirky or offbeat.


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