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A Modern Renaissance Master: Alberto Campo Baeza

Gaspar3 architecture

There is something of the Renaissance in the work of Alberto Campo Baeza, who wields light like a torch.

gaspar2 architecture

Gaspar House is the early work of the inspirational Spanish architect who founded the Estudio Arquitectura Campo Baeza.

Gaspar1 architecture

In plan, the Gaspar house perimeter forms a square of four walls, divided inside into three equal strips, a covered space in the center, daylit by a courtyard to each side.

gaspar4 architecture

His refined works play with a special relationship between the air and light, and metaphysical ideas made real.

gaspar51 architecture

Because only the central strip is covered, within the enclosed perimeter, viewing courtyards are created on both sides of the house.

Between2 architecture

I’ve covered the work of the Baezo studio before in“In Between Cathedrals” which has a stark eco-conscious 21st century spirituality.

Between3 architecture

It is set between two ornate cathedrals that hail from an earlier and more confidently human-centric age.

Rufo House4 architecture

And the incredible, surreal Rufus House – which is a reinterpreted Renaissance mystery with continuous horizontal space.

Rufo House6 architecture

Seeing it all together illuminates a connection of why I have been so drawn to these works.

Between5 architecture

Like the horizontal public piazzas of the Renaissance, these are minimal spaces used as a kind of filter to display the central metaphysical mystery of life.

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