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A Modular Grid for a Seashore Retreat

tower1 architecture

This waterfront home from Roger Ferris + Partners is set on an unusually narrow site right on the shore of Fairfield, Connecticut.

tower2 architecture

The design responds to FEMA guidelines regulating first floor elevation and setbacks from the shoreline.

tower6 architecture

Clad in stained cypress, the house has an elegant modular grid design that controls and organizes the space.

tower4 architecture

This modular grid of windows surrounding the tower shape define the interior too.

tower3 architecture

Sun pours in to sink into the inviting rooms inside.

tower5 architecture

The interior finishes reflect a loft kind of aesthetic of simple and open clean design.

tower7 architecture

Light and bright, the grid continues unabated into the bedroom.

What a truly memorable and liveable sun-warmed seashore house!

tower8 architecture

Retractable shades vary the light further,without cluttering up the clean aesthetic with curtains, making it possible to enjoy a glorious and ever changing light-scape outside, unfiltered.

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