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A Recycled Minneapolis Skyway Home? Just $49,000

Skyway4 architecture
We know that recycling is the green and the eco correct thing to do, of course. But here’s a very extreme example.

Downtown Minneapolis’ has long had an 8-mile system of second story glass “tunnels in the sky”.  These are bright, friendly and warm glass connections linking stores above downtown city streets to spare Minnesotans from the climate horror that plagues their lives throughout their interminably cold long winters.

Now, one of the original glass Skyways is no longer needed. So CityDeskStudio has put their  Minneapolis Skyway, designed by architect Ed Baker, the “father of the skyways”  up for sale… at an astonishing $49,000. It would cost over $1 million to replace it. The steel alone is worth $250,000.
Skyway1 architecture
Here’s the simply amazing glass house you could get for $49,000.

Skyway2 architecture
It can span 80 feet on its legs and is nearly 20 feet wide, for a total sun-drenched 1,380 square foot home with 14 foot tall ceilings.

Skyway3 architecture
One drawback. You are responsible for the cost to move it from its current location near the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis. It is a giant concrete, steel and glass structure, and it’s possible that eighty feet might well exceed allowable highway limits on load lengths.

A home for the brave.

Source: SmallHouseStyle
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