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  • Thumbnail image of A Recycled Minneapolis Skyway Home? Just $49,000

    A Recycled Minneapolis Skyway Home? Just $49,000

    We know that recycling is the green and the eco correct thing to do, of course. But here’s a very extreme example. Downtown Minneapolis’ has long had an 8-mile system of second story glass “tunnels in the sky”.  These are bright, friendly and warm glass connections linking stores above downtown city streets to spare Minnesotans […]

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  • Thumbnail image of Snaidero Kitchens

    Snaidero Kitchens

    The Venus Kitchen is formed with a stunning one piece Solid Surface top that makes the countertop. Every surface of this kitchen flows seamlessly from one element to the next. Forming a stylish area with plenty of storage. A combination of stainless steel, LED lighting and modern design make up the different versions of this […]

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